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It is one thing to motivate, stimulate or even encourage yourself or others, but it is even more stimulating when you can touch the inner depths of one’s mind, heart, body and soul. The beliefs and techniques you’ll find here go to the core of confusion by asking: Who am I? What is ’it’? Why is ’it’? And what do I want to do about ’it’?

The ability to ”see” yourself and others without judgment, and still discern with boundaries while understanding your core issues and transcending emotional barriers is the key to self awareness and self processing. If you have upsetting decision If you have upsetting decisions to make or you keep repeating old patterns you need self skill, which is ultimately the key to self love.


Learning how our brains work intellectually and emotionally. Understanding the left brain (intellectual) and the right brain (emotional) for productive and life altering decision making


CAC provides a variety of tools and techniques that can be used in everyday life for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Life Coaching

Executive and Life Coaching techniques for decisions in the business and personal arena.


An educational program to teach children to understand themselves for positive decision making.
Invisible Warfare was a slap in the face wake-up call I needed to get my life and attitude in order. It affected me in every way. The impact on my work was huge. My interpersonal skills with co-workers and especially the criminal element on a day to day basis has dramatically improved internally and externally to the point I can verbalize and create in ways I never dreamed. These new ideas have helped considerably cut back on the need to use force and violence. Because I am a less judgmental person, I can talk people through things and see outside the box. My marriage and home life have improved considerably as well. I know how to reduce conflicts and stress.

Military Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer