About Us

Communication Arts Company

For more than twenty years, CommunicationArts Company (CAC) has been a growing company that studies and teaches the “Art of Inner Communication.” This program has impacted thousands of people nationwide, from every walk of life. The goal of the CAC is to create enduring, steadfast, and trustworthy relationships by teaching individuals how to make decisions from a place of truth rather than the thoughts , feelings, and belief systems that were created by our up-bringing, our cultures, and our family dynamic. 

Communication is an art. One of the main pitfalls that our communities and especially our youth face is a future without the benefits that arise from living and working in an environment that respects the art of communication and what it can achieve. The inability to understand personal self-talk, verbal expression and body language can make or break a deal or detrimentally affect a human being’s core. CAC has risen to the challenge of going beyond the surface of self-helps and superficial forms of empowerment. We embrace areas of confusion, hate, turmoil, fear, guilt and even shame. Our clients are enlightened and challenged to learn the real meaning of power and powerlessness, to aspire beyond all odds with clarity and confidence to reach true empowerment.

The CAC team deals holistically with spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, sexual and financial issues that surround one’s life. If we don’t understand the psyche and intuitive mind — the subconscious pieces of our brain — there can never be peace among us. These components are now part of the workshops, sessions and even lectures throughout the country that CAC has developed.