Communication In Human Behavior is a non-profit California Corporation 501(c)3

(Teaching Self Processing Techniques Beyond the Obvious)

With the financial assistance of community leaders, corporate sponsorships, private donors, grants and fellowships this philanthropic program can be placed in classrooms and boardrooms alike to increase self-awareness, which directly correlates to efficiency and productivity.

Please help us, help you.

Mission Statement:

There is a need throughout communities all over the country for people understand themselves from the inside, out. 

This non-profit effort will launch a new dynamic in the educational/self-help industry. Although these methods may be deemed unconventional, they are the most profound in results and impact on one’s life. The basic principles letting Truth lead which Lights the Way to Understanding the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, and Financial and Intuitive Realms. This is all leading to awareness and integrity with each one of us and stimulating an evolving and deeper standard of living

Dealing with self awareness, hurt or confusion of ourselves and each other, these techniques will turn those thoughts and feelings into strength and wisdom.


Learning the differences of our Power Struggles are crucial.


To understand how this struggle in each one of us began, we start with a feeling or life experience of “powerlessness”. Then we began reacting in the same way or a protective way called “powerful”.  In “power struggles” we are missing Truth and Strength internally. This is called “Empowered”.  Yes, being Empowered is Stronger than being Powerful! 


  • Every injustice is meant to teach.
  • The question is how do we use this knowledge to create earth-changing experiences?
  • How do we process ourselves?

There is a story where a man sees many starfish washed upon the shore. The man on the shore throws the starfish back into the ocean, one by one.
Another man comes running by and says, “Hey buddy, you’re wasting your time. You’ll never get all those starfish back in the ocean.” The man says, “Maybe not, but it sure mattered to that one!”


We, at CHB, are attempting true and sustaining change!!

Teaching a language for unaware and confusing thoughts, feelings and behaviors that affect our lives is more than fulfilling. We need a process for change. We, at CHB, have a map for personal, family and business check-ins.

It’s a jungle inside our minds, hearts and body and in the world outside of us as well. This program is so refreshing, innovative and exciting.

To grow beyond the intellect, we need to learn to process from the emotional, creative and intuitive mind.

It’s Contagious!!

What’s the real creation story of Communication in Human Behavior? 


Once upon a time… Mona was the “coach” of a big business deal. It was a long shot but the business plan went through and it was very exciting. The CEO wanted to give Mona a bonus for this deal and she said “No, thank you, it’s what I do”. He insisted. She said, “No, thank you”. So he said, “I’m sending it anyway.” She said, “No, thank you”.  He said, “Take it or open a non-profit”. A little bit later, Mona met a woman named Angele (kind of like “angel” huh?) who walked her through a mission statement and the purpose of a non-profit.



What you say…feel and do…matters!

Please come join us!

The Word spreads and becomes contagious as one of us starts implementing just one idea.