I am an elementary school teacher who deals with colleagues, parents, and students on a daily basis. What I have learned is that communication is the key to an appropriate response. Before learning and understanding this program, I was defensive and shy and every criticism and correction would break me down into tears. I would start hating myself to the extreme and tell myself over and over again that I was a horrible teacher. Through this program, I learned not to personalize other people’s reactions. I have to own my side and take responsibility for the situations that arise at work. Then forgive myself and celebrate. Invisible Warfare’s teachings made me realize how special my gifts are. I am really fortunate because I get to teach my students the foundation of Invisible Warfare and it’s principles without them even knowing it. My prayer is for them to be able to process through their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways without going to self-abusive behaviors. I would recommend this program to everyone. Others may give answers but Invisible Warfare gives you methods on how to help yourself on a daily basis. Thank you for the tools and wisdom to live an emotionally healthy and full life!